Northern Heights Amateur Radio Society was founded in 1961 and met regularly in a number of venues (mostly pubs) around the North Halifax area until it was disbanded in 1998.

The rather grand aim of the club (taken from the Constitution) was to “Foster the spirit of Amateur Radio in all its forms, to encourage and help new members and beginners and to uphold the prestige of Amateur Radio”.

During its 37 year history the club hosted hundreds of lectures, organised visits to all kinds of places from radio telescopes to breweries, set up demonstration stations to publicise the hobby and took part in many amateur radio contests (usually rather unsuccessfully).

Since the club disbanded most of the members have lost touch with each other and sadly many have passed away. So, with a lot of encouragement and support from Paul G3USH, I decided it was time to collect together as much of the club’s history as possible while there were still people around to remember it.

This website is the result.

These are all the documents and photographs I could find and both Paul and Geoff G8NWK  have helped with their contributions. Chris G3VJV has kindly allowed us to use the pictures from his website and thanks also to David M0EZP for providing the newspaper cutting about G3MDW on the Miscellaneous Photographs page. David Howell kindly filled a couple of gaps in the 1960s syllabus list and provided scans of some very early documents that are now in the Miscellaneous Documents area of the site along with a slightly embarrassing picture of me in 1963 for the Jamboree pictures section. David also provided a lot of information about W1BB, an honorary member of the society, along with full reports of his two visits to see W1BB in the 1960s. So much information in fact to justify a dedicated section on the website.

Click on any of the pictures to see a larger version, sized to fit your monitor.  The arrows at each side of the large picture allow you to scroll through all the pictures on the page. There is also a ‘slideshow’ function that you start and stop using the play/pause button at the top right of the picture. Click the cross symbol, hit Esc or just click anywhere outside the large picture area to return to the original page.

I’ve added comments to most of the pictures but there are so many faces that I can’t put names to the comments are far from complete. If you spot any errors (there will be plenty)  or omissions, want me to send you a copy of any of the pictures or if you just want to get in touch please email me using the address on the Contact page.

Allan, G3TQA
March 2018