History Part 1

1961 to 1969

Founded 19th April 1961
Chairman W.C. Longman G2DYY
Secretary/treasurer Arthur Robinson G3MDW
Minute Secretary Mrs. M I Shaw G30MM
Committee Messrs. Percy Hopkinson, Ian Townson, N Child G3RFV, Harry Crew G8CB
Also present were Mr Graham Stead, Mr M Eskdale G2SU, Mrs. Longman, Mr J Clegg G3FQH, Mr Goldthorpe
Membership: Ten shillings.
Meetings at the ‘Sportsman Inn’ Ogden at 7.45.

The first meeting on Wednesday 3rd May 1961, a Talk by Mr J. Clegg G3FQH entitled ‘Single Sideband Topics’.
Syllabus prepared. G3FQH gave talk thanked by Mr J Johnson G3KB seconded by Mr G Stead. Minutes by Mr W Longman.

Second Meeting, seventeen members present. Apologies from Mr J Bateman G6BX. A Mr Vincent O’Connell is mentioned along with others.

12/7/61 Junk Sale raised £1.5.4 for club funds. These were going to be used to buy a receiver for Dudley Kitching at the Kenmore Cheshire Home Cleckheaton.

6/9/61 A lecture on Radio Astronomy by Mr Dougherty. 14 members present.

20/9/61 A donation of a valve from the Bradford A.R.S. auctioned and gift of £3 From Halifax A.R.S. Keith Scott receiver fund for the Dudley Kitching fund.

24/9/61 Mullard Lecture at St. George’s Hall Bradford.

4/10/61 Confirmation of affiliation to RSGB. received.

18/10/61 Pie and pea supper with Manchester A.R.S. and the RSGB. Zonal rep Mr P.H. Wade G3BPJ. Mr M Firth chairman of the Spen Valley A.R.S. passed on their donation of £10 to the Dudley Kitching fund. Photos were taken.

18/4/62 First AGM 21 members present. After the meeting there was a fish and chip supper.

26/9/62 Eddystone S640 receiver presented to Dudley Kitching. Mr M Eskdale and Dudley Kitching made Honorary Members.

12/12/62 Annual Dinner with Mr L.M. Dougherty B.Sc. Guest of Honour.

2/1/63 Talk ‘Radio on Stamps’ by Mrs. M.I. Shaw G30MM showing stamps depicting aspects of telecommunications.

13/3/63 Junk sale raised £3-3-3, Wreaths have been sent to the funerals of Mr H Swift and Mr M. Eskdale.

27/3/63 Radio Astronomy by Mr L.M. Dougherty B.Sc.

10/4/63 Second AGM Chairman’s comments: Successful year, three visits, demonstration stations at Warley Gala, Halifax Gala and Halifax Boy Scouts Jamboree-on-the-air. A dinner and many interesting lectures. These were attended by between 9 and 20 members in spite of a severe winter. The funds had risen from £3-0-7 to £12-0-10 and that £20 of the £28-4-6 out of the Dudley Kitching fund had been spent on buying the Eddystone receiver. Mr L.M. Dougherty donated an AVO Valve Tester to the society. Attendance 30 members.

3/8/63 Demonstration station at Warley Fete.

10/8/63 Demonstration station at the Halifax Agricultural Show.

25/9/63 Mr K Walton G3IKS M.A.S.E.E. of Sheffield gives talk on ‘Lightning’.

9/11/63 Firework party at G3MDW’s.

12/11/63 Mullard Lecture at The Queens Hall Bradford.

27/11/63 Club granted callsign G2SU as soon as 3 years after the death of Mr Eskdale. All members receive a new ECC32 double triode from a quantity presented by Mr Dougherty of the Percival Whitley College.

11/12/63 Third Annual Dinner.

21/1/64 Test signals on 625 line TV viewed and Invitation by Bradford A.R.S. to talk and demonstration of Colour TV by Dr. Patchett at the new College of Technology.

15/4/64 Third AGM at Sportsman Inn. Membership up to 44 against only 36 last year. Funds extremely favourable as cash in hand £38-16-9 against only £12-0-10 last year. A committee was formed to arrange N.F.D. on June 6th.

27/5/64 26 members attended a well explained and enlightening talk on ‘Transistors’ by Mr L.L. Cobb G3UI.

6-7/6/64 N.F.D Soil Hill (G3SMS/P) comments about gales and rain.

1/8/64 Warley Fete scaffolding mast blown down in gale. Comment ‘excellent day was spent by all’.

15/8/64 Demonstration station at Crossley Carpets Gala.

16/9/64 Demonstration station at Percival Whitley Collage for the signing on week. 24 applicants for R.A.E. at the college.

30/9/64 Allan Robinson G3TQA aged 15 and David Bottomley G3TQQ were congratulated on obtaining their licences and Barry Tiffany on passing his morse test. Comment ‘greater efforts should be made to start meetings on time’.

21/10/64 W1BB 160m Dxing slide/tape show. Guests from Manchester, Leeds, Bradford, Spen Valley and Huddersfield Societies some 60 people in all. Two showings were held. Comment A most excellent lecture. Spen Valley ask for reshow next week’.

11/11/64 Talk ‘SWL’ by three younger members of the society Philip Ealham, Richard Constantine (who has now passed his R.A.E.) and Allan Robinson (now G3TQA). Comment ‘unanimously agreed that this was one of the most enjoyable evenings club members had ever spent’.

18/11/64 Mr L.L. Cobb offered to provide accommodation for any junk for the junk sale. The committee also agreed that the Eddystone 8640 receiver should be collected from Kenmore Cheshire Home as it was not being used much there. It should be collected as soon as possible and loaned to a member to keep it in use and good working order and any faults should be reported to the committee.

25/11/64 Talk Transmitter alignment by Mr Dougherty B.Sc.

9/12/64 Annual Dinner. Fake Medal presented to G30MM ‘for the best antisideband campaign on top band’

27/1/65 Long waiting list of societies wanting to borrow WIBB tape/slide show. S640 recovered from Kenmore, Dudley Kitching no longer there.

17/3/65 Apology from Mrs. Shaw for the fact that her display of ‘radio on Stamps’ at the previous meeting had to be cancelled due to her being in hospital.

7/4/65 Members are asked to design a QSL card for the club station also that a log book with G2SU on front should be obtained. Mr Cobb proposed that the callsign shall not be used without permission of the committee.

14/4/65 Fourth AGM Announcement that the club had obtained the callsign G2SU. Membership now risen to 55. Funds had risen to £47-12-5 besides the £6-4-6 receiver fund and £9-5-6 in the transmitter fund. Comment by Mr Bateman that he thought this was the most progressive club in the north. Mr Crewe proposed that the name of the club be changed to ‘Northern Heights Radio Society’. Nothing could be done as it was not on the agenda.

26/8/65 A tape made specially for our Society by the late Mathew Eskdale G2SU, was heard by members, on ‘Microphones’. Call book obtained. G2SU to be inaugurated at Warley Fete by the chairman Mr J Clegg.

23/6/65 Mr Cobb brought a large piece of equipment for identification, it had apparently been brought to an ATC meeting by a lad who asked whether it could be ‘got on the air’. As it appeared to be approximately tuned to a TV frequency and looked likely to put out a kilowatt, it had been skilfully diverted by Mr Cobb.

26/7/65 The death of Harold Wright G5PW is mentioned and the S640 Rx required attention. Mr Cobb undertook to inspect it with a view to assessing the degree of servicing required. Still no ideas were forthcoming for a QSL card. Booking for W1BB tape/slides still into 1966. Greater effort must be made to start on time. Comments ‘on deleting “Amateur” from the society’s name.

22/9/65 Mr Cobb reports, on the S640 RX, that all the valves are OK, I.F. slightly off alignment, otherwise in quite good shape but lacks gain in RF stage and is not in as good shape as G3MDW’s S640.

12/11/65 Mullard film show at Bradford.

24/11/65 Talk by Mr G.E. Craven on ‘Electronic Logic’ 28 members attended.

19/1/66 Junk sale. Auctioneers: Mr L.L. Cobb G3UI and Mr R Constantine G3UGF.

2/2/66 Talk by Mr Dougherty B.Sc. M.Sc. F.R.A.S on standing waves.

2/3/66 Talk by Mr Cobb on ‘144Mc/s’ Mr Cobb also showed photos of himself working “portable” on 5 metres in his early youth.

23/3/66 Mr H Crewe resigns from committee. Name of club brought up again as A.G.M is near.

13/4/66 Fifth AGM at Sportsman. 30 members present. Comments: Meetings usually attended by a third of total members. Balance in hand £74-4-11 and £18-10-3 in Tx fund with £6-4-6 in Rx fund.
Election: Chairman Mr L.L. Cobb G3UI
Secretary/treasurer Mr A Robinson G3MDW
Minute Secretary Mrs. M.I. Shaw G30MM
Committee: Mr J.T. Riley G3TCS, Mr Howell, Mr Paul Allen G3USH, Mr B Tiffany G3TXX, Mr G Fuller G3TFF
Vote on changing the society’s name: 18 against, 3 for.
Mr H Crewe Proposed that Mr Arthur Robinson be made an honorary member and that the club still pay his subscriptions so that he could still hold office. For the first time in the club’s history ideas for the Syllabus were forthcoming.

20/4/66 Committee meeting. QSL cards discussed again. The now standard layout of the syllabus was designed.

1/6/66 Designs for QSL cards turn up and field day is planned. Letter to G.P.O. about missing W1BB Slides/Tape.

5/6/66 NFD. A station is set up at Upper Brockholes using 160, 80 and 20 metre bands. The points scored left room for improvements but a good time was had by all in spite of the heavy rain.

20/7/66 Mr A Robinson unable to attend committee meeting. His notices etc were transmitted on 10m and received by members’ ‘Walkie Talkies’. This turned out to be the first two way radio meeting of the NHARS.

27/7/66 Committee meeting. It was accepted that QSL cards be ordered from Atkinson’s subject to the society retaining the blocks and 250 were ordered. Spen Valley ask for loan of S640 Rx for use of their younger members. Rules are set down for loaning the Rx. W1BB tapes still missing.

7/9/66 QSL cards have arrived along with the blocks, which were handed to Mr A Robinson for safe keeping. G.P.O. pay compensation for missing W1BB gear.

21/9/66 Comments on a DF Fox hunt. The hunters found the hidden station in a quarry near Mount Tabor, operated by Mr Cobb and Mrs Shaw, the day being pleasant, a very interesting afternoon was had by all in reasonable comfortable conditions.

28/9/66 A demonstration of ‘Simple 2 metre gear by Mr H Crewe G8CB.

12/10/66 Mr Dougherty’s ‘Radio Astronomy’.

26/10/66 Mrs. M Shaw G30MM demonstration ‘Transmissions of sound on a light beam’. Both sound and music were transmitted.

2/11/66 Stratford Radio Club had covered the WIBB slides with glass and therefore a second set of slides were not required. The annual dinner had been booked at the Peat Pits Inn at a cost of 16/- per head and the cost of the London trip worked out to be 25/- per head.

9/11/66 Mr G.E. Craven gave a talk and Demonstration entitled ‘Electronics Unusual’. This was about Electronic gambling machines.

4/1/67 Talk and demonstration by Mr L.A.F. Stockley G3EXE and Mr Millard G30GV on ATV. CCTV was demonstrated and members saw themselves in the club room.

11/1/67 Motion passed that future junk sales would charge 10% on sales.

15/2/67 22 members heard Mr R Constantine G3UGF and Mr M Fisher G3UBI give a talk on their portable operations in Northern Ireland and Scotland. A film was also shown. A second film was shown of the society various outside events and rallies.

8/3/67 Consideration was given to the provision of badges for officers and committee members and a design was chosen. These would be ready for the AGM. Insurance against accidents should be looked into.

29/6/67 22 Members arranged the forthcoming NFD. Rotas for operators were prepared. List of loaned equipment made.

12/4/67 Sixth AGM
Membership 50. Average at meetings 18. Balance now £81-5-2
Chairman D Howell
Secretary/treasurer Mr A Robinson G3MDW
Minute Secretary Mrs. M Shaw G30MM
Committee L.L. Cobb G3U1, B Tiffany G3TXX, J.T. Riley G3TCS, G Fuller G3TFF, A. Robinson G3TQA

It was proposed by Mr H Crewe G8CB that the word Amateur be dropped from the society’s name. With one exception the voting was that the name remain the same.
Appointment of Librarian Mr Allan Robinson G3TQA.
Before parliament was the new wireless telegraphy act, no action would be taken until a copy was available for perusal.

21/6/67 Junk sale £2-9-3 raised for the Tx Fund.

26/6/67 Still awaiting a reply from the insurance company. It was reported that a loss of £6-7-0 occurred on the organised coach trip to Skelton Pastures but members and visitors contributed generously to reduce the deficiency.
A 3Q/200A used valve was presented to the club. Mr Tiffany G3TXX proposed that it is used as a trophy, this was seconded by Mr J Fuller G3TFF. The Secretary is to approach Mr Duranclyk about polishing the base and that it be presented as the trophy for the DF Foxhunt.
Opening a bank account for the society was suggested and accepted.

9/8/67 Offer of loan of the S640 Eddystone to the Halifax spastic Society for the use of Terry Adamson. The society put £50 into the new account. A letter of resignation was received from Mr T O’Connell.

13/9/67 12 Members brought along logbooks, to elaborate on the theme ‘Can your log-book tell a story’.

20/9/67 S640 installed at spastic home. Conformation of the bank account. £50 in the Halifax Building Society. The Tx fund is incorporated with club funds. A 30/- loss on a pie and pea supper.

27/9/67 Getting on 7Ocms by Mr A Benn G8AFV.

1/11/67 RSGB unable to offer advice on an insurance company offering suitable policies for amateur radio societies. The Halifax spastic society were sent a donation of £2-2-0 in lieu of flowers for Mr N Child G3RFV. W1BB tape re-recorded and suggestion that the book (containing over 1000 signatures of people that had seen the lecture) be bound. The annual dinner tickets would also include 1/- to obtain two boxes of chocolate liqueurs to be drawn on the ticket numbers.

17/1/68 Wakefield CID for a talk on fingerprints.

24/1/68 The large valve has now been mounted and is ready for presentation as soon as Messrs Constantine and Fisher (the winners of the DF Foxhunt) can attend.

14/2/68 Talk on ‘TVI and BCI’ by Mr J.T. Riley.

6/3/68 Congratulations sent to Spen Valley A.R.S. on their 21st Birthday. Mr L.L. Cobb would look into the problem with the insurance.

10/4/68 Seventh AGM 22 members present.
Membership increased by 3 over last year. Assets now £90-15-0.
Chairman Mr D. Howell
Secretary/treasurer Mr A Robinson
Minute Secretary Mrs. M Shaw
Committee Messrs Allan Robinson, L.L. Cobb, A Benn, I Ross, R Constantine.
The DF foxhunt Trophy was presented to Mr Constantine and Mr Fisher. Mr R Constantine was against the large sum of money involved in order that the RSGB might have Headquarters in London and continued that it would be better if they were in the Midlands. Mr L.L. Cobb pointed out that all roads lead to London. W1BB was proposed as an honorary member. There was no support to the proposal to increase the subs by 5/-. A form was handed around for ideas for the syllabus.

17/4/68 Insurance matters still proceeding. A raffle for the RSGB building fund be run. Various Galas would have demonstration stations at them. A trial (for three months) of a club magazine should be run. Mr Benn and Mr Allan Robinson would be editors.

22/5/68 A talk by Mr Paul Allen on Electronic Organs, illustrated with practical circuit which he demonstrated.

5/6/68 Annual visit to Manchester A.R.S. Only few members went.

8/6/68 NFD. Trouble with generator.

15/6/68 Halifax Gala on a bus in the procession and used as station on site.

17/7/68 Ragchew on U.S. Citizen’s Band.

4/9/68 Mr L.L. Cobb reports no further information on insurance. Second tape arrives from W1BB. Mr Allan Robinson is asked to copy it. Mr Benn resigns as he is moving to Scotland.

19-20/10/68 An A/T station was operated for Keighley JOTA.

4/12/68 Mr Dougherty’s talk on oscilloscopes.

8/1/69 Still no joy with insurance. RSGB no help. Vote against buying a mini bus. The first newsletter should be ready by mid January. Letter from W1B8 mentioned his wife’s illness and receipt of his honorary membership.

26/2/69 Talk by Mr W.G. Scarlett G3RXS on computers.

5/3/69 Insurance company in Dunstable sent quote. First newsletter out. A handsome compliment from Short Wave Magazine. The cost to have an Honorary Member Certificate made 25/-. Letter from Mr R Constantine on duty in Narvik.

12/3/68 Junk sale. Approximately 35 persons present.

9/4/69 Eighth AGM 21 members present.
It was reported that membership had dropped, the first time since the society was founded. Attendance had been poor, on one occasion only one member plus the committee were present. Membership is 36 full members and 9 associates. It was hoped that the generator purchased would show its value in future field days. The W1BB lecture had been stolen from a car whilst on loan to Bristol. The tape had been recovered but the slides had not.
Chairman Mr Benn
Secretary/treasurer Mr A Robinson
Minute Secretary Mr Cobb
Committee Messrs Farril, Howell, Robinson, Allen and Levitt.
Reference is made to have a ‘Brains Trust’ meetings to help beginners in radio.

16/4/69 Special committee meeting held at the Candy Cabin Ogden to consider the purchase of a mobile radio command vehicle at the price of £100. It had only done 2000 miles and had a 4.5 litre engine. Its year of manufacture was 1956 and was in first class condition. Question’s were asked about insurance and tax etc. It could be used for rallies and Galas. Special Junk sales could be run to fund it. A vote was passed unanimously and a extraordinary AGM was to be called.

23/4/69 Extraordinary AGM
20 members later 25 were present. Insurance for the truck would cost only £14 for 3rd party. A vote took place 19 votes in favour and 5 against.

30/4/69 Meeting of the general and vehicle committee. The vehicle fund had raised £109-10-0. A spare wheel had been presented to the club and the vehicle had passed its M.O.T. test. Rules for its use and modifications were laid down.

23/7/69 Rules for use of the vehicle written down. Letter from W1BB reported that his wife had died. Missing slides had been replaced. The supply of QSL cards were running low. 22 club ties had been ordered and were on sale for about 17/-.

26/11/69 Committee meeting held at Peat Pitts. Mr Levitt resigns as he is moving to Manchester. A disagreement with the hirers (Sheards) of a coach that was used on a trip to Jodrell Bank over the cost and size of coach. They claimed that the cost of £29-6-0 was previously agreed. Vehicle rules are reviewed. The secretary reports that the S640 was not being used and should be recovered.