History part 3

1980 to 1989

9/4/80 Nineteenth AGM held at The Bradshaw Tavern.
21 people present. A good year both in meetings and finance. It was noted that Arthur Robinson had died and of the debt the club owes him. The club had sent a wreath to his funeral and 18 amateurs had attended. The treasurer report commented on the amount paid to the Sub Aqua club in view of the limited membership held. The club has bought a duplicator and is kept by Mr M Topham.
Election: Chairman Allan Robinson G3TQA
Secretary Marcus Topham G8NUC
Treasurer Paul Allen G3USH
Committee Geoff Barber G8CHN, Howard Aspinall G3RXH, Geoff Milner G8NWK, Geoff Plant G8NML, Richard Harker G4CMK
Amendment to the constitution was passed so that continuity of committee was carried from year to year. The 7Ocm repeater GB3WY was adopted by the club and Mr R Constantine was voted repeater manager. It was decided to sell the Panda Cub given to the club by G3MDW.

28/1/81 Committee meeting
Allan Robinson informed the committee that Mr Topham, secretary, had offered his resignation by telephone to him. This was accepted by the committee. Mr Harker would take over his duties until the AGM on April 1st. The £6.40 left by Arthur Robinson should be included in the next Junk sale funds.

11/3/81 Committee meeting  A list of members should be published with phone numbers and a club membership form was designed. Mr Topham would be asked if he would like to purchase the duplicator. Mr Harker reported on the poor condition of some of the club aerial poles and suggested that alloy scaffold poles be bought. Mr Milner suggested that due to the high cost of petrol it could be subsidised by the club for VHF NFD.

1/4/81 Twentieth AGM held at The Bradshaw Tavern.
Apologies for lateness of syllabus were made. Membership fees left at £2.50.
Election Chairman Mr Allan Robinson
Secretary Mr Richard Harker
Treasurer Mr Paul Allen
Committee Roy Pitts G8SDE 16 votes, Paul Farrar G8SJA 15 votes, Graham Baldwin G4KDU 16 votes, Dennis Martin G3XSF 10 votes, Brian Ackroyd G8GOV 4 votes, Peter Sykes G4GAK 7 Votes, Julie Saxton 12 votes.
Enquiries as to the connection of the Emley Moor beacons were made, it was explained by Mr Robinson that the 7ocms beacon did belong to the club but
the 1296MHz beacon did not but unofficially the club looked after both.

30/9/81 Committee meeting G4CMK proposed that a Family Night (pie and peas) be held and paid for out of club funds. G3TQA asked the committee to consider the purchase of a 1296Mhz transverter for the use on VHF NFD. The cost would be around £180. The cash raised at the Junk sale could go towards payment for this. G3USH pointed out that Lloyds bank had charged on both accounts, it was decided that another bank should be found. G8SJA enquired about having some QSL cards printed and would look into the cost for the club.

7/4/82 Twenty first AGM held at The Bradshaw Tavern.
20 people attended. There was no chairman’s report as the chairman was in Malta. The treasurer reported that the landlord had decided not to charge us for the room. The Car stickers had not sold well and it had been decided to change banks. He also mentioned that there was a separate account for the repeater. G3UGF thanked those who attended the rallies and their support at the stands. As his time was limited he would be unable to stand as manager this year.
Election: Chairman Geoff Milner G8NWK
Secretary Brian Aspinall G6CJL did not feel that he could take the position due to commitments, so the committee would arrange the syllabus until December 82 and G6CJL would then take over as secretary and prepare a syllabus to run from December 82 to December 83.
Treasure Paul Allen G3USH
Committee J Saxton, G3TQA, G8SJA, G4KDU, G8GOV
Repeater Manager Geoff Milner G8NWK
Club Frequency was decided to be S11, Brian G8GOV objected as this was used by Bradford University Radio club. After a discussion it was decided that NHARS would not cause undue distress to the other uses and S11 was adopted.

15/9/82 Committee meeting.
A questionnaire is to be given out at the next meeting asking the membership which direction they would like to steer the club. The Secretary noted that he was expected to organise the syllabus and advertise the club, it would he a help if members would come forward with suggestions for visits, demonstrations or even volunteer their own services. The publicity of the club is very lacking and all possible effort should he made to correct this. Other contests should be entered e.g. HF NHF, JOTA and galas. Allan Robinson stated that Geoff Theasby said that he would not be able to continue as Newsletter editor. Allan said that he would probably be able to compile a newsletter from material he had in hand.

10/11/82 Committee meeting.
Poor response to Questionnaire, Allan G3TQA volunteered to contact a company about Club and GB3WY badges, Richard G4CMK volunteered to organise a treasure hunt.

6/4/83 Twenty Second AGM
26 people attended. The chairman Geoff G8NWK thanked all who helped with the running of the club and continued with the problem with VHF NFD due to the new regulation requiring registration of the site. The secretary reported poor response to the questionnaire. The repeater group had to replace the aerial and decided to claim against the insurance but found that the insurance had not been paid. G8NWK to check with RSGB about Repeater insurance.
Election: Chairman Geoff Milner G8NWK
Secretary Brian Aspinall G6CJL
Treasurer Paul Allen G3USH
Committee Julie Aspinall G6KUO, Allan Robinson G3TQA, Paul Farrar G8SJA, G6MCF, Gerry Fuller G3TFF
Repeater Manager Geoff Milner G8NWK

6/4/84 Twenty Third AGM
18 people present. Minutes read by Brian G6CJL, proposed by Geoff G8NWK and seconded by Jon G8XVL. Allan G3TQA was thanked for the newsletters. Geoff the Repeater Manager reported that new logic would be fitted into the repeater in the near future and co-channel interference was being experienced from the Hull repeater GB3HU.
Election: Chairman Geoff Milner G8NWK
Secretary Paul Farrar G8SJA
Treasurer Paul Allen G3USH
Committee Carl G6WFP, Allan G3TQA, Brian G6CJL, Leslie G3UI, Jon G8XVL.
Repeater Manager Geoff Milner G8NWK
Allan G3TQA suggested that new masts be purchased, this would he looked into by the committee.

3/10/84 Committee meeting
Suggestions for meetings and visits were passed to the secretary and ideas for projects.

5/12/84 Committee meeting
It was decided the meetings would take place on the first and third Wednesdays of each month.

10/4/85 Twenty Fourth AGM
10 members present and one late arrival. Jon G8XVL asked if the new masts had been purchased. Geoff G8NWK replied that due to the offer of facilities and sorting of the old masts we were able to hold field day without purchasing any but the matter was still in hand. Comments about our newsletter and syllabus being the best in the district but still did not seem to attract new members. Thanks to newsletter and syllabus producers. Thanks to others for attending meetings. Paul G8SJA commented on the fact that only eight people attended the visit to a Brewery. Paul G3USH informed us that the membership now stands at 26. Geoff G8NWK in his repeater report informed us that sending information to users and asking for cash support only just covered the cost of postage. The running of the repeater was still covered by stands at rallies. The repeater had suffered a ‘melt Down’ in the crystal oven and a new oven is required. Co-Channel interference with Hull repeater is still a problem but if we sit still they will eventually have to move. The question of insurance is raised again and the present policy covers third party damage only.
Election: Chairman Geoff Milner G8NWK
Secretary Paul Farrar G8SJA
Treasurer Paul Allen G3USH
Committee Paul G1HWM, Paul G8SJA, Allan G3TQA, Jon G8XVL, Roy G8SDE
Repeater Manager Geoff G8NWK
Leslie proposed that the NHARS as a gesture of goodwill pay for the premium for the extended cover for GB3WY. Unanimously accepted.

24/4/85 Committee meeting at Bradshaw Tavern.
£250 to be transferred from bank to building society. Mr L Cobb has written to the insurance company about insurance and is awaiting reply. Mr G Milner has received a quote of 50p per £100 covered. Amongst the year’s syllabus are: June 5th Guiding Aug 21st Paul Allen ‘The Tingalary’ Oct 16th Computer Communication Allan and Geoff Nov 6th Mr Dougherty ‘Radio Astronomy’
Committee meetings should be every two months, on the second Wednesday.

23/10/85 Committee meeting at Bradshaw Tavern.
The Question of the landlord’s impending retirement was brought up and it was decided that a retirement present should be bought. Funds in the repeater account, now in access of £300, are to be transferred to an interest earning account in the building society. Meetings planned for the future: Feb 5th Stan Catton ‘solar Energy’ Aug 6th ‘My favourite gadget’ Oct 18th M.W. Controls ‘Using the BBC computer to control a lathe’

26/2/86 Committee meeting
Allan Robinson reported that the Halifax A.R.S. had obtained a site at The Withens and were proposing to use it as this VHF NFD. Resolved to send their secretary a letter pointing out that our site was only a few hundred yards away and suggest that some other site be used by them. Visit next week to B.T. exchange. Forms were signed to open an account for the repeater with the Halifax Building Society.

2/4/86 Twenty Fifth AGM
17 people present. Still looking for new aerial poles. New 70cm and two new 2m aerials have been bought. Thanks to Allan G3TQA for help and providing A-V equipment (all to be lugged around). The tenancy of the pub had changed hands and a presentation of a Silver(?) Salver had been made to Ida the retiring Landlady. Insurance had been taken out to cover the repeater and its equipment which might possibly provide some cover at VHF NFD. The rumour that Halifax and District A.R.S had got a site at the Withens but it was not going to be used at VHF NFD. The membership stands at 24. The Club had paid the repeater insurance, but the repeater was now earning sufficient interest to cover this. A QRA program was purchased to help with contest entries. Proceeds from the rallies had been good but Breton Park was not worth attending again. The aerial had collapsed again and with the help of Geoff G8NML and Paul G4XGN the new aerial was fitted. The possibility of Hull changing frequency was perhaps a little nearer.
Election: Chairman Geoff Milner G8NWK
Secretary Leslie Cobb G3UI
Treasurer Paul Allen G3USH
Committee Paul G1HWM, Paul G8SJA, Allan G3TQA, Jon G8XVL, Roy G8SDE
Repeater Manager Geoff G8NWK
Dennis G3XSF thanked the committee for its work.

8/10/86 Committee meetings and 28/1/87 committee
To plan syllabus. E.g: June 3rd Derek Simpson Transistor PA
July 16th ‘Gas Detection’ Geoff Hodgson
Aug 5th Packet Radio
Oct 7th G3SDY 10m FM
Nov 12th Stuart McArther ‘Talking Books’
Feb 17th Mr Dougherty
Mar 7th PCB Factory at Keighley

1/4/87 Twenty Sixth AGM
18 people present. New masts had been purchased with clamps. Attendance since Christmas was about 15 at each meeting. Membership was now only 20. Cash for the repeater is still mainly raised at rallies and thanks to all who help. The Hull repeater has still not moved channel.
Election Chairman Geoff Milner G8NWK
Secretary Leslie Cobb G3UI
Treasurer Paul Allen G3USH
Repeater Manager Geoff G8NWK
Committee Paul G1HWM, Paul G3XGN, Allan G3TQA, Jon G8XVL, Roy G8SDE. Allan G3TQA reported that he had applied to the RSGB for a ‘Packet’ repeater licence to join an experiment. Following a visit to Birmingham it is hoped that a licence would be forthcoming shortly. An enquiry was made by Roy G8SDE about the QSL cards, these have not been ordered yet.

28/10/87 Committee meeting at Bradshaw Tavern
Proposal to increase subs to £3 at next AGM carried. A donation of £10 to the Calderdale Talking Newspaper (Via Stuart McArthur). The Packet Repeater GB3PQ was put into service on Oct 10th. Aerials and crystals were purchased from the GB3WY repeater fund. Roy G8SDE offered to enquire about QSL cards. In further discussion, the possibility of including the word ‘electronics’ in the title of the club, and make the club more inviting to people interested in electronics and not amateur radio.

6/4/88 Twenty Seventh AGM at Bradshaw Tavern.
The Hull repeater has moved frequency. More operators are required for VHF NED. Thanks to Jon G8XVL for organising the field which was very good apart from the cows. It was suggested that the club account be moved from Lloyds, but it was left to Paul G3USH’s discretion. The subs are raised to £3. Pennine Radio aerial had been purchased from them for £50 and part of it had already been sold for £20. The insurance had increased slightly, some cover applies to VHF NFD. There is a possibility of insuring the tents for a small premium. To be discussed at the next committee meeting. The Building Society interest pays enough to cover the insurance, so there is no need for the club to pay. GB3PQ packet radio repeater running well. Experiment to run for a further year.
Election: Chairman Geoff Milner
Secretary Leslie Cobb G3UI
Treasurer Paul Allen G3USH
Repeater Manager Geoff Milner G8NWK
Committee Paul G1HWM, Paul G3XGN, Allan G3TQA, Jon G8XVL, Roy G8SDE.
A discussion on the addition of ‘Electronics’ to the club title took place but it could not be decided upon as it was not in the agenda. QSL cards still being pursued. Representatives at rallies to be contacted. Allan G3TQA suggests that as the cost of a 70cm linear is too great, one is built. Unanimously carried by the 12 members present.

5/4/89 Twenty Eighth AGM at the Bradshaw Tavern.
16 members present. Following the accession made by Lloyds Bank to allow the account without charges, the account is remaining. The previous charge has been refunded. Howard G8BCL to loan 70cm linear for field day. A suggestion that Keighley club may like to trade lectures. A suggestion of a Public Relations man to look after club advertising with RSGB, local newspapers etc. was aired. Subs still £3 in spite of having to withdraw money from the building society. Repeater insurance covers tents. Both repeaters were working well. Balance in Halifax Building Society almost paid for insurance..
Election: Chairman Geoff Milner
Secretary Leslie Cobb G3UI
Treasurer Paul Allen G3USH
Repeater Manager Geoff Milner G8NWK
Committee Paul Milner, Paul Riggott, Allan Robinson, Stan Catton, Dennis Martin.
After a Great discussion the club voted in favour of changing the name of the society to the ‘Northern Heights Amateur Radio And Electronics Society’ by 10 votes to 6.

12/4/89 Committee meeting
Third party insurance cover to be investigated, 70cm linear from G8BCL believed to be in the possession of Geoff Barber. Stan Catton volunteered to be the Public Relations Officer, responsible for RSGB etc. Leslie would still contact Halifax Courier. G3TQA would produce a poster for schools and colleges in the area. A list of club equipment was produced. Paul Allen offered to deliver the syllabus to the printers in Keighley.